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CBRN Assessment

DWT's Puck sensor product series is an effective, small footprint sensor technology targeting Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) with low power, long range wireless communication, and deployable at low cost. Our Puck product line leverages a core sensor technology for ready deployment in a variety of operating environments. The Puck product line includes: the DropPuck™, the Wearable Puck, and the K9 Puck.

DropPuck® System

Keeping the Warfighter Safe at a Distance

  • The DropPuck® System is a Integrated Early Warning system enabling multi-gas detection from a distance.
  • Pucks can be deployed via a multitude of platforms (UAVs/UGVs), as the system uses a vehicle-agnostic release mechanism together with a control station.
  • Alarms and gas identification are displayed in ATAK.


Wearable and K9 Puck

Wearable Badge

  • For First Responders and Military
  • A wearable badge that detects harmful chemicals
  • The Wearable Puck can be integrated with ATAK for seamless transition to a field environment.

K9 Puck

  • A collar attachable device for military working dog to keep working dogs safe while
  • Alarms handlers of physiological changes of the dog, the presence of dangerous chemicals, or chemicals influencing canine olfactory function.
  • The K9 Puck on the collar detects gases and physiological changes.
  • Live sensing data is displayed to the handler on a handheld device and imports to a dedicated cell phone app for monitoring and can be integrated with ATAK or other communication protocols.


Handheld Chemical Detector

Particle Detectors

  • Challenge tracer aerosol upstream and detect leak downstream
  • Leak test HEPA filters and ColPro installation within 5 minutes
  • Non-destructive aerosol leak test for ColPro installations

Vapor Detectors

  • Challenge tracer gas upstream and detect leak downstream
  • Leak test ColPro gas filter installation within 5 minutes
  • Non-destructive, reversible tracer for carbon media
  • Tracer gas detected using CNT sensor technology