Chemical Agent Monitoring Systems

TIC1000-L is a portable chemical detection and identification system that enables rapid and robust on-scene analysis of chemical agents from airborne samples. Utilizing DWT’s cutting edge Carbon Nanotube Sensor Technology, combined with intelligent data processing and advanced algorithms, TIC1000-L can conduct full atmospheric analysis with automatic agent recognition.

DWT-CK1000 CK Detection Monitor


  • High Sensitivity to CK detection
  • Fast Response
  • Low Cost

TC1000-L Chemical Agent Monitor



  • High Sensitivity to 6 TIC Chemical Agents
  • Temperature, humidity and flow montoring

UserInterfaceThe User Interface Consists Of:
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Five keypad buttons for operation control
  • OLED display for direct readout and operation instruction
  • Buzzer and LEDs for alarm signals
  • Gas inlet and outlet ports
  • USB communication port for data logging