M98 Filter


DWT’s M98, 200 CFM (340 m3/h) CBRN Filter Set removes toxic gases and particulates to provide purified air for mobile shelters, vehicles, and ship-borne collective protection systems. The M98 filter set is ideal for all medium airflow requirements and can also be applied to higher airflow applications such as building protection. DWT has designed, built and deployed several large collective protection systems, which employ as many as two hundred M98, filter sets per installation. M98 filter sets are designed and tested to provide protection from all known chemical and biological agents.The M98 filter sets are used on:

  • Military M84, M95, and M96 filtration systems
  • DWT’s FFA Series of collective protection systems
  • U.S. Air Force Multiple Cell Radial Filter (MCRF) housings
  • U.S. Army buildings and transportable shelters
  • Applications using a version of this filter encased in a hermitically sealed canister (HSFC)