R&D – Chemical Sensors and Monitors

CNT-Sensor1DWT’s proprietary Carbon Nanotube Technology can be incorporated into existing chemical detector products as standalone OEM chemical sensors or as a supporting orthogonal technology to detect various (toxic, industrial or CWA) chemical vapors across a broad range of applications.

Design West Technologies can support your integration efforts by providing hardware 2D/3D Drawings, embedded system circuit layout, interface control documents, sample introduction guidelines, software/firmware implementation and full access to our engineering team.

Each unit is designed to provide a different level of integration – from our OEM sensor module board to the complete standalone platform, which incorporates vapor sample introduction, data processing and detection/identification.

CNT Chemical Sensor Capabilities

DWT – Vertically Integrated Facility

  • LEVEL 0: Carbon Nantube (CNT) Generation
  • LEVEL 1A: DWT’s Proprietary CNT Formulation & Synthesize
  • LEVEL 1B: CNT Sensor Processing
  • LEVEL 2: CNT Sensor Device Manufacturing
  • LEVEL 3: Fully Integrated CNT Sensor

DWT also provides full engineering support for Level 4

  • LEVEL 4: Detection Algorithm and Detection/Identification System