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CBRN Protect

DWT's CBRN Protect includes filter systems and housings with applications for shipboard, fixed site, and mobile platform Collective Protection Systems (CPS) to keep warfighters safe.

Filters and Air Handling Systems

DWT Filter Portfolio

M12A2, M13A1, M19, M48, M49, M23A1, M24, M98, Lightweight Recirculation Filter Assembly.

DWT Filter Manufacturing

  • Custom HEPA filter pleating and assembly
  • Liner fabrication
  • Aluminum/Steel housing – welding and fabrication
  • Filter tester and test validation system design and manufacturing

DWT System Control

  • 10 CFM – 1200 CFM Fan/Motor system design and manufacturing
  • Custom controller design and assembly
  • Filter performance monitor and sensor development
  • M93 Gas Particulate Filter system control


Shipboard Collective Protection

Shipboard Filter Housing Modernization

DWT is modernizing Navy Shipboard Collective Protection Systems reducing overall footprint and improving airflow characteristics.

  • Scalable filter housing design
  • CFD/FEA optimized design
  • In-house fabrication of prototypes
  • MIL-DTL-901 tests


Expeditionary Collective Protection

FFHA - 400 (Fan Filter Housing Assembly)

  • Portable chem-bio filtration system
  • 400 cfm air flow at 15 iwg static pressure.
  • Provides clean air for field hospitals, shelters, and command centers.
  • Designed for easy installation and operation
  • Can be installed with an ECU unit for fresh, clean air
  • Can be used as a stand alone unit in re-circulation mode.
  • Motor controller and blower assembly for M98 filter sets


Mobile Platform Collective Protection

Mobile Collective Protection

DWT uses unparalleled in-house expertise in filtration technology, fan and motor system design, and manufacturing to keep the warfighter safe on a mobile platform.

  • Filter systems for tracked and wheeled mobile platform
  • Can be used on a variety of vehicles like Stryker and Multiple Rocket Launch Systems
  • 10 to 200 CFM systems
  • Mobile Platform Collective Protection filter redesign
  • M48 modernization