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NDIA '21 will be attended by members from R&D and BD teams

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Baltimore Maryland - Design West Technologies (DWT), a defense contractor that brings innovative engineering solutions to warfighters through weapons and CBRN systems, will be attending the NDIA 2021 CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibition.

Design West Technologies is excited to share their new CBRN technology, as well as continue to promote currently manufactured products, such as their extensive line of filters.

Drone with DWT DropPuck System test flight

The DWT DropPuck® System will appear at the conference and will be showcased alongside with the R&D team’s capabilities in the areas of assessing, protecting, and mitigating. The DropPuck® System is a standoff multi-gas detection system with mesh network communication. It can be deployed via UAV or UGV, making the product applicable to many scenarios. The DropPuck® has redundant low SWAP-C chemical sensors reporting to base station and ATAK.

DWT DropPuck System previously being used at CBOA '21

NDIA’s 2021 CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibition is focused on “responding Now – Preparing for Future CBRN Threats.” NDIA’s website states that “This is an exciting year for CBRN defense community. Preparing for future CBRN threats requires that we continue to improve our products, facilities, training methods, and capabilities so that the Joint Force can fight and win in a CBRN environment whether at home or abroad”.

About Design West Technologies:

DWT is a vertically integrated engineering and precision manufacturing company providing effective and innovative solutions for our defense and commercial customers for over 25 years. DWT’s multi-disciplinary technical team of scientists, engineers, and manufacturing experts provide full life-cycle support with a proven performance of excellence.

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